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PRE-ORDER Marten MK2 Pro Advanced Robot Inspection Crawler

PRE-ORDER Marten MK2 Pro Advanced Robot Inspection Crawler

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The Marten MK2 Pro is leading the next generation of inspection crawlers made by UplinkRobotics. The Marten MK2 Pro brings custom electronics and hardware to the table to make it feature filled and have top-notch reliability.

The Marten MK2 Pro Features:

  • 10x Optical Zoom Camera (w/ both photo & video capture)
  • Separate Wide View Driving Camera
  • One-way Audio
  • Water Resistance
  • Ability to Flip Over and Continue Driving
  • Extremely Bright & Dimmable LEDs
  • Spotlights and Ambient LEDS can be controlled seperately
  • Smart Features (Including motor stalling prevention, motor power allocation, and more)
  • OTA (Over The Air) Updates Allowing For Future Features
  • Up to 750FT Line Of Sight Range
  • Included Pelican Hard Carry Case
  • Zero Turn Maneuverability
  • Sleek & Symmetric Design on All Sides
  • True 4-Wheel Drive
  • Easy Lift Carry Handle
  • Controller with Screen Mount
  • Quick Swappable Battery

What's Included

Accordion 1

  • Marten MK2 Pro Inspection Crawler
  • Pelican Hard Carry Case
  • Controller/Transmitter
  • Monitor with Controller Mount
  • (2x) Batteries
  • 32GB SD Card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Accessories

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Marten Mk2 Pro

The Next Generation Inspection Crawler Robot by UplinkRobotics.

The Marten MK2 Pro introduces focused-built and designed electronics to offer smart features to improve reliability. The Marten MK2 Pro improves on the base Marten to provide quality of life improvements, improved reliability, and all new features.

Dual Camera System

Utilize a 10x optical zoom camera to capture photos and videos of far objects. Swap to a wide-view driving camera for navigation.

Rugged Design & Water Resistance

Navigate over tough and wet terrain without worrying with our water resistance and drive-when-flipped design. Also equipped with 4WD, mud and puddles are no match for the Marten MK2 Pro.

Ultra Bright & Dimmable LEDs

Light up any environment with ultra bright spotlight and ambient LED strips. Both LEDs are seperately dimmable to give you full control.

Smart Features

Anti High Center Mode

The Marten MK2 Pro introduces a new driving mode designed to shake the robot to get it off of high centering objects.

Motor Stall Protection

Motor stall protection prevents your motors from over heating and being damaged if wrapped up in wires.

Over The Air Updates

Experience future features through Over The Air updates from the UplinkRobotics Android and IOS app.

Additional Features

Capture Photos & Videos

Capture both photos and videos through the eyes of the Marten MK2 Pro's 10x Optical Zoom Camera.

Zero-Turn Maneuvering

Turn in place utilizing the Marten MK2 Pro's skidsteer like turning allowing for navigation around tight corners.

Controller w/ Screen Mount

Have your viewable video and controls all in one place with our included monitor and mount.

Quick Swappable Battery

Quickly swap batteries to ensure your crawler never runs out of battery life.

One-Way Audio

Hear dripping water or vocal animals with our crawler-to-operator audio.

Extended Range

Reach the farthest part of a tight or dangerous crawlerspace with our extended range.


Inspection Crawler Robot Dimensions

15.75"L x 14.25"W x 6.75"H

Pelican Carry Case Dimensions

24.55"L x 20.59"W x 10.16"H


(1x) 10x Optical Zoom & (1x) Wide View Driving

Video Resolution (10x Optical Zoom Camera Only)


Photo Resolution (10x Optical Zoom Camera Only)


Live Video Streaming Method

Analog Video Transmission (5.8GHz)

Video Stream & Control Distance

Up To 750ft Line Of Sight (Very Dependant on Environment)

Camera Rotation

90Deg UP & 50Deg DOWN

Crawler Battery Life


Transmitter Battery Life


Monitor Battery Life


Max Speed


Smart Features

Un-High-Center Mode, Motor Stall Protection

Other Features

2 Channel Dimmable LEDs, Water Resistance, One-way Audio